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Top 5 for August (2020)

Hey there, HAPPY AUGUST!

Gosh, it feels nuts to even say that. AUGUST.

I don’t know about you, but the last couple of summer months have just flown by. (Despite the fact that some days…or perhaps more like many days…have felt incredibly long and lackluster this season.)

Well, whether your own summer days have been inching away at a snail’s pace or flying right by in lightning speed, here we all are: in August. 

Since we’re kicking off a new month, you know what that means? 

It’s time for my latest “top 5” picks.

Music to Soothe

Music is a tool I turn to when my mind feels chaotic and messy. I’ve been LOVING Stephany Gretzinger’s latest new album, Forever Amen. The lyrics help sort through my mental and emotional clutter and ground me back into God’s presence and what’s true.

Give it a listen here.

Impossible beauty

Redefine Beauty

I love brave women who are willing to take a stand against our culture’s bogus beauty standards. This interview with Ally Fallon and Melissa Louise Johnson will touch your heart.

Check it out here.

The Next Right Thing

If you need help creating space for your soul to breathe and/or struggle with decision fatigue, Emily P. Freeman’s latest book is a MUST read. I’ve been reading one chapter each day as part of my own morning routine, and it’s PACKED with profound yet-easy-to-implement wisdom.

Grab a copy for yourself.

Picnic for Peace

I’m into dining “al fresco” with family and friends BIG TIME – it’s one of my favorite things about summer. Here’s a fun (and portable) find by Bando to keep your bum clean and dry while you picnic. (They also have a “Go Outside Cooler Bag” that’s worth checking out!)

Nab one here.

Flair For the Hair

Ummm…in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little obsessed with head flair. Headbands and hats: so my jam. Looking for summer style with ease? Check out my favorite head accessory brand, I’m With The Band. No slip headbands = chic style with no fuss. 

Grab a copy for yourself.

Well, Friend. I hope these gems help squeeze some extra gratitude, mindfulness, and joy out of the days ahead!

Be grateful. Be confident. Be Radiant.




PS: In case you missed it, last week I announced I was interviewed by Vanessa Luu (a fellow HopeWriter, author, and podcaster) for her podcast, You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

During our chat, we focused in on the self-destructive lies and false promises of striving toward perfection. If you’re interested in giving it a listen, you can do so here.

PPS: Last week I was talking about how to combat body shame. In case you missed it, here’s a link to the video where I touch on 3 tips to fight off body hate

My latest blog post on this topic is also below.

I’m going to be sending out a free resource to those on my list for tips on building body acceptance.

Want to nab a copy for yourself? Sign up here.

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