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2 Things to Remember When You Feel Small & Insignificant

Do you ever feel like your part to play in this world is incredibly small, insignificant, unimportant, and/or overlooked?

Do you find yourself questioning, “Do I actually matter? Does what I do have any impact whatsoever?”

If so, this video’s for you.

In this 8 minute-or-so chat, I touch on:

  • Why “you are small and insignificant” is SUCH a lie
  • How there is truly no “small” role in God’s economy
  • How even those seemingly insignificant, small acts of kindness can have a BIG impact on others
  • What you do and who you are matters

After watching this video, you will walk away with 2 truths to combat that “small and insignificant” lie the next time it creeps into your thoughts.

Click on the image below to go ahead and have a listen.

Feeling Small?

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