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The Importance of a Morning Routine

Morning Routines Sort Out Our Scribbly Insides

Do you ever feel a bit scrambled and discombobulated when your “usual routine” is disrupted?


This girl sure does!

In fact, I experienced this just recently after being on the road for two weeks straight to attend an action-packed writer’s Mastermind training, followed by a trip back to WI to see my family.

As much as I cherished the soul-quenching long weekend with beloved writing friends and was so grateful for the chance to create some memories with family…

I just felt “off.” 

I felt a bit like I was flailing about in mental and emotional chaos.

The most frustrating part?

I couldn’t seem to pinpoint the reason for my internal angst.

Was it the extended time away from home? Was it because I was outside of my usual weekly rhythm? Was it COVID shelter-in-place blues?

I couldn’t be sure.

All I knew at the time was that I longed for some “normal” and some solid ground to stand on.

A Daily Morning Routine is Important

When I returned back home, I spent time with God in silent reflection, and it dawned on me.

This. This!

Oh my gosh, THIS is what I had been missing.

  • This morning pause.
  • This intentional, quiet.
  • This quality, uninterrupted time to wait upon the Lord.

During my travels, I had “kept up” my daily morning routine by starting out each day in the Word. 

However, my quiet time had been rushed and unfocused.

  • The busyness of a jam-packed schedule caused me to sprint through time with God so I could jump right into my day.
  • The excitement of being with loved ones had convinced me to mindlessly check it off the list and quickly move on.

BUT THIS was what my soul had been needing.

My lack of such was why my internal world had felt so scribbly and cluttered.

How ‘Bout You?

Friend, are your insides feeling a bit jumbled?

If so, take a moment to check in and ask yourself:

  • Have I spent time with God today?
  • Do I need a moment to pause and meet with Him?

The truth is, our souls NEED God. If we neglect to take time to tap into His Presence, our internal worlds will begin to suffer.

So no matter how busy your schedule looks…or how excited you are to jump into your day…remember to spend some quality time with God. 

Slow down. 

Seek silence. 

And meet with God to keep your insides sorted.

Your soul will thank you.

Need Some Help?

Need some help settling into a morning routine? 

I’ve got your back.

Click on the image below to download a free download of my one-page gratitude journal and jumpstart your daily practice.

It’s a quick and easy way to check-in with yourself and God at the start and end of each day.

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