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Present Over Perfect: Low-Stress Holidays

I don’t know about you, but as a recovering Perfectionist, aspiring “good enougher,” I need to continually…and intentionally…work at living “present over perfect.” 

Particularly during the holidays.  

If my Inner Perfectionist had her way, holidays (or other family/friend hosted gatherings) would look a little like this:

  • Obsessing over Pinterest-worthy decorations
  • Stressing herself silly trying to be the “hostess with the mostest” 
  • Whipping up exceptional goodies (all homemade, of course) to “wow” party guests 
  • Tackling a long list of annual traditions to make the holiday feel “complete”

Can you relate to this kind of stress-filled craziness?

Picture of a table filled with pink frosted baked goods with sparkles, turquoise party hats, sparklers, and matching straws.

Avoid the Craze and Opt for Low-Stress Holidays

When I start to obsess over making things “just right” (during the holidays or otherwise), I tend to miss out on fully enjoying my time together with friends and family members. 

How ’bout you? 

Well, if you are one who stresses over the details, I invite you to join me in fighting off the urge to have the “perfect” celebration. 

Do yourself a favor and say, “Enough of this perfection-striving garbage. I choose to be present.” 

Lean into “good enough” and allow your 4th of July (and future celebrations) to look a little more like this:

  • Putting out some holiday flare that’s quick, easy, and uncomplicated (or don’t if that sounds like a total drag to you!)  
  • Engaging with your guests and deciding not to obsess over the details (reminder: things do not need to go off without a hitch)
  • Cooking up grub that’s low-stress and casual …or perhaps even (gasp!) ordering in, picking up pre-made dishes, or asking others to bring sides to share   
  • Honoring traditions that sound fun instead of tackling “have-tos” (reminder: you do not “have” to do anything)  

Well, Friend. I hope you have a relaxing and joy-filled holiday weekend!

Finding it Hard to Find Joy in this Season?

Personally, I find gratitude to be one of the best antidotes for fighting off the blues and finding joy (even on those rough days).

Check out this post for some inspiration around how to welcome peace and joy into this season: Seek the Gems.

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