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Progress Over Perfection

So, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

I’m taking this whole “Unmasked” thing to video. In addition to catching me on my blog (and social media), you will also be able to “get real” with me on YouTube.

Yes, that’s right. You heard me correctly.

This girl (this somewhat technologically-impaired friend of yours) is giving YouTube a shot. 

I’ll spare you all the details, but I’ve been hearing God tell me that writing isn’t the only way He wants me to use me. 

I’ve received many indications leading me to believe that showing up on video is the “next step” God has for me in my journey.   

So here I go. I’m jumping into this new world.

But, can I get real with you for a sec? 

I’ve been UBER resistant to take that next step in faith.

I’ve been letting perfectionism halt me in fear and have been putting it off for months. Because it’s soooo outside of my comfort zone

My initial response to God when I sensed He was leading me in this direction was,“Me? YouTube? Pshhhhh!!! Yeah, right! You can’t be serious!”

Let’s just say…I resisted HARDCORE.

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I pushed back on the “next thing” I thought God had planned for me.

Because…I mean…I’m a writer.

Written word is my jam. Writing is the God-given gift that brings me so much joy (and I’m still figuring out). It’s how I love to express myself, share lessons learned, and connect with others.

Lately, however, I’ve felt God telling me, “I have something else for you.”

But I stubbornly didn’t want to listen.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

  • I LOVE “getting real” and linking arms with others to overcome hard challenges.
  • I LOVE helping others break free from lies so they can experience more freedom.
  • I LOVE helping others learn how to quiet their inner critics and live confidently as their True Selves.

But show up in this capacity on video?


Didn’t God led me to this path of writing for a reason? Hasn’t He confirmed that to me many times over? Plus, I like it over here in the writing world. Writing feels comfortable and safe.

But, YouTube? Well, that just felt (and still feel) downright terrifying. 

Plus, I couldn’t (and still can’t) see how that fit into my plans for the future. 

And I wasn’t crazy about the idea of jumping into yet another new thing I knew nothing about.

  • New things mean possible failure, and that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • New things often mean messy, and I like planned, controlled order.
  • New things mean being a beginner at something, and I don’t like diving into things that I may not be so great at…let alone, possibly bad at.

The fear of failure, rejection, and embarrassment is real, my Friend.

So, I procrastinated.

I allowed my perfectionism’s (very convincing) arguments halt my efforts of pursuing this whole YouTube thing.

HOWEVER…eventually I surrendered.

With God’s help, I mustered up enough strength to say, “Screw perfectionism!”

I decided to take that next right step because one big lesson I’ve learned in life is this: PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION is the way to go. (Plus trusting God is always the right answer!)

Perfectionism is a life-sucker, Friend.

  • It robs us of joy, peace, and creative freedom.
  • It beats us down and doesn’t allow for mistakes.

Take it from this “Recovering Perfectionist Aspiring Good Enough,” life’s way more enjoyable when we kick the pursuit of perfection to the curb.

Friend, if you’re one who’s inclined to strive after ideals or often feels like “nothing’s ever good enough”…

I encourage you to give this video a listen. Progress over perfection may just save you.

Video: Progress Over Perfection


  • Why “progress over perfection” is the way to go
  • The many ways perfectionism robs us in life
  • Personal examples of how perfectionism has caused me to miss out on things and stalled me from taking the “next right step”
  • How letting things be “messy” and giving permission to fail brings freedom

In this video, I also include a BIG DISCLAIMER about my Unmasked YouTube channel (personal confession and vulnerability alert!).

Progress Over Perfection. Disclaimer: "Real" NOT Perfect.

May your choose progress over perfection in the days ahead. 

It may just save you.

At the very least, it’ll win you some more peace.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Unmasked Reflection
Let's dive deeper...

Question 1: Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but have been to afraid to try because you may not be the best at it or you’re afraid of looking foolish.

Some examples to get the juices flowing: dance class, singing lessons, art class, leading a community group, starting a book club, etc.

Question 2: For the item listed above, what is one small action step you can take this week to move you toward making that fantasy a reality?

For example, if you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance, your “next right thing” could be browsing the web to find some fun dance classes in your area.

Question 3: What is your personal goal deadline?

Don’t stop with just completing your one small action step (see question 2). Make sure to plan your “next right step” after completing each small task to continue momentum. Don’t let fear drive you into inaction!

I also suggest setting a personal deadline for personal accountability (and put that baby in your calendar!!).

So for example, if you want to take that dance class? Set a deadline in your calendar for “Attend first dance class.”

Before you go…let’s get you hooked up.

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