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That Coronavirus Discomfort You Feel? It May Be Grief.

5 Stages of Grief and Coping with Loss

We’ve all been forced to adjust to a “new normal” these days as we persevere through this Corona pandemic.

Initially, many of us jumped right into our “get things done” mode in pursuit of safety and security.

Some of us loaded up on supplies, many of us stocked up on groceries, and most of us sanitized our spaces and took various other necessary precautions to make sure our families would be as safe and secure as possible to ride out this difficult season.

But then the dust settled. 

There are no more remaining tasks to prepare our spaces. We’ve run out of creative ideas to “fill our time.” We’ve been robbed of our entertainment freedoms. (Gosh, how I miss brunch!)

I don’t know about you, but for many of us, the ho-hum days of Shelter-in-Place have forced us to come face-to-face with emotions we’d prefer to escape.

As we ingest our new reality with COVID-19 and the story continues to unfold, we’re experiencing discomfort.

Many of us feel an “up-tick” in the “feels” we’d rather not feel.

Especially as we are faced with this harsh truth: the end to this whole “Shelter in Place” will likely extend far beyond the point at which most of us would hope.

The emotional baggage we carry looks different for each of us as.

As we attempt to carry on in a world that is not operating as it once was, we may even feel a range of various emotions.

But if we peel back all the layers of surface emotions (e.g., frustration, sadness, boredom, etc.), we may ultimately uncover grief is at the root of it all.

The truth is: many of us are grieving right now.

And some of us don’t even realize it.

Are You Grieving?

Friend, what emotions have been bubbling up for you these days?

Have you stopped to consider the emotional discomfort you feel right now may be grief?

Maybe “grief” doesn’t feel like it correctly articulates your emotional condition right now.

Maybe you’re thinking, “C’mon, Rachael. Grief? Really? I mean, isn’t that a bit dramatic? Sure things are difficult right now. But grief? Let’s get real.”

Well, okay.

Maybe you’re resistant to this idea.

Especially if you, yourself, haven’t experienced the personal loss of a family member or friend as a result of the Coronavirus.

But I wonder, could your grief perhaps be masking itself as another feeling?

Maybe your grief is hiding in plain sight, disguised as one of the 5 stages of grief, including:

  • Stage 1: Denial
  • Stage 2: Anger
  • Stage 3: Depression/Sadness
  • Stage 4: Bargaining
  • Stage 5: Acceptance

VIDEO: 5 Stages of Grief & How to Cope with Loss

Spotting grief can be tricky.

In the following video, I explain the 5 stages of grief to equip you in bringing awareness to your grief (or any other uncomfortable emotions that may exist).

You will learn how to process THROUGH your emotions (in a healthy way). And ultimately reclaim your peace in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Name it.
  • Step 2: Tame it.
  • Step 3: Release it.

Interested in more on this topic?

Check out this read on grief:

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