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I Will Praise Before My Breakthrough

So, what tune are you jammin’ to today?  

Thanks to Sean and his repeated vocal tributes to summer this weekend, I’ve got this oldie on loop in my mind (click on the image below and start at minute 1:12 for a sneak peak into the melodies that graced my weekend…alll…weekend…long…haha!!!):

Click on the image above to access the song.  Start at minute 1:12 for a sneak peak into the melody that is on loop in my brain, thanks to Sean. Haha!

Music: A Gift

Music is the best, isn’t it?  

It’s more than entertainment. 

Music is the language of the soul. 

Even when there are no words to the melody: music is still able to speak the emotions we feel deep inside. 

Music is such a gift.  

It has such a way of embracing the places within us that need a loving touch.  It moves us.  It brings us out of the darkness and into the light.  It provides healing to the brokenness inside and encouragement through hardship.  It exemplifies our joy and happiness.  It leads us into peace. 

Music: A Weapon

Music is more than just a gift. Music is also a weapon. 

One that can be used for both defense as well as offense.  It’s a weapon that can defend us against downcast thoughts and feelings.  And it’s also a weapon that can offensively ground ourselves in right thinking. 

Music is a particularly powerful weapon during days when our souls are downcast.  

The thing is, when we are sad, angry, anxious, hurt, or discouraged it can seem counterintuitive to turn to praise.  When we are having a bad day (or a bad season), singing joyfully to God can feel like the last thing we want to do.  

Sometimes, however, the best thing for us to do is exactly the opposite of what our feelings tell us to do. 

And praising “in the suck” is one of those things. 

So, to help you find your way to peace through song, this week’s mantra is:

Praise Despite Your Feelings

If you find yourself resistant toward praising when you’re feeling feeling low…

Friend, I completely understand.

Personally, I have found myself quite stubbornly digging in my heels and trying to avoid praise during times when it felt like darkness was closing in on all sides.

I didn’t feel like praising during times such as when I:

  • Felt like I didn’t have the strength (nor did I want) to keep fighting. 
  • Felt hurt and forgotten by loved ones because entering into my world meant entering into my pain.
  • Wanted to sit and lick my wounds and allow my heart to continue to cry, “whoa is me.” 

At those rock-bottom places, I often felt (and continue to feel) the Spirit prompting me to praise: reminding me that it would be for my own best interests to focus on Him and praise Him for who He is, rather than dwell on my own pain and difficult circumstances.  

But sometimes, my own stubborn will would selfishly cross its arms and pout like a child:

“I don’t want to…I don’t feel like it!!”

But the times I surrender to God’s direction and choose to praise despite my contrasting feelings…you know what follows?  

Ahhhhhh…sweet release of my worries, sweet freedom from my problems.  

Praise: Release that Brings Peace

When I surrender to praise, the walls built up around my heart crumble. My problems pale in comparison to God’s glory.  My pain subsides for those delightful moments while I am focused on God.

Praise doesn’t fix all our problems or remove our pain completely.

But it does help us take our eyes off of our problems and fixes our gaze on the One who works all things out for our good.  

Through praise, our souls remind our hearts and minds of the truths momentarily forgotten because of our problem-induced amnesia.  Praising God reminds us: He is with us, He loves us, He sees us, He knows what we are going through, and He will see us through to the end.  

Praise Proclaims: I Trust You God

Praise allows us to connect with God and enter into His embrace. Music helps open us up to receive love and encouragement from the Father and hear His voice.  

Praising God through song provides us with the opportunity to proclaim: 

“God, my love for You is greater than my pain.  
My trust in You is greater than my disbelief.  
God, I will sing to you in the middle of my storm, because I know You are faithful and will remain my Anchor until I am back on solid ground.  
I will praise you before my breakthrough, because I know You are working all things out for my good.  
I trust You and I know You will use everything, even my hardships, for good.  
Where you are is here with me in the mess: so “here” is where I want to be.”

Two Songs to Sing

I want to share two songs to help you praise your way to peace.  

The direct links to the songs are at the end of this post (click on the images👇below).

Sing When Your Low

The next time you need a bump of encouragement, do the opposite of what your feelings want you to do, and choose to praise…even while you’re “in the suck.”  

Use praise as a weapon to lead you back to right-thinking, rather than letting your circumstances or future-fears dictate your mood or the focus of your mind.

I hope these two songs bring you comfort the next time you need to praise your way through a storm.

Sing to Give Thanks

Even if you don’t need a “weapon of defense” today, use these songs to proclaim your joy and thankfulness to God. 

For who He is, what He has done/is doing/will do in your life.  

As you sing the lyrics, reflect back on all the times God has been faithful and rejoice in the fact that He is SO GOOD and will continue to walk beside You all the days of your life. 

Praise Him before, during, and after your breakthrough.

May your days be full of praise that fills you with His peace.

Be Grateful. Be Confident. Be Radiant.


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