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My Word for 2019

A word of providence and prophesy

My mind had momentarily hijacked the process as I considered various word possibilities for 2019: determined to receive complete clarity and certainty and select the “perfect” word, my thoughts lead me into a swirling tornado of unending questions and doubts within my internal world.

You can read more about how anxiety and perfectionism caused me to abruptly change tracks at warp speed and nearly derailed me from my “word selection” process in my previous post: Words Hold Power (Part 2): Harnessing the Power of Words for a Bright Future

While my “Stressed Out Susie” doppelgänger attempted to slam on the brakes and bring my efforts to a complete halt, God brought me back down to a peaceful pace and enabled me to carry on as He whispered wisdom, comfort, and guidance to my weary soul.  

As I took a moment to breathe and remembered God was with me and knew what was up ahead on the path before me, peace and trust washed over me, and the dust of the emotional storm finally settled.  

And then, my word for 2019 became clear as day.  

It was as if my soul had known the word all along.

Bringing my awareness back to God instead of anxiously searching on my own had enabled me to actually receive the word He intended for this next season in my life. With no effort of my own, He brought to the forefront of my mind a word that He had prophetically placed on my heart on 11-11-18. A word that has continued to pop back up in my life in various ways since that day.

It’s a word that is so incredibly fitting for this season in my life, I actually laughed in disbelief. I was shocked I hadn’t immediately thought of it. As soon as I heard it, my heart and soul knew that was it. That was the word.

My word for 2019?


I decided to do a quick Google search to seek out the exact definition.  I mean, I knew what the word meant – but sometimes, deeper meaning and symbolism is often digested by my soul as I reflect on the definition and meaning behind a word.  I’m a nerd for words, what can I say? 🙂 

Here’s what my Google results yielded for the definition of “liberation”:

(1) “the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release”

(2) “freedom from limits on thoughts or behavior.”

Google Dictionary

Whoa.  Those definitions were powerful and held so much meaning for me.  

In my coming posts, I will be elaborating on what the word “liberation” means to me and why the above definition spoke to me in such a powerful way. I’ll be sharing how the word “liberation” will impact (and has already begun to impact) my ED recovery journey, as well as shine a light on a few other areas wherein I foresee “liberation” playing a part.

I’ll be diving into more detail in my upcoming posts; however, in summary, I envision 2019 as being a year of further empowerment and liberation from certain areas of bondage.

2019: A Year of Liberation

I believe I find myself in a season wherein God wants to bring about liberation in my life. I envision 2019 as being a year of further empowerment…a year of God working with me to fight against and break free from various forms of bondage that limit me or keep me stuck in ways that do not serve me.

The goal of my being liberated from various sources of bondage is not so I can have a more “care-free” or comfortable life. Rather, I believe God intends to bring liberation in certain areas of my life so I can live as a truer version of myself….my True Self…the woman He created me to be…a woman in closer likeness to Christ. 

This liberation will require God’s help in chiseling away the “gunk” that’s mucking up my True Self.  As God continues to shape and mold me into His likeness, it will cause me to look, live, and love more and more like Christ.  Which in turn, will not only enable me to experience more peace and joy in my own life, but will bring more peace and joy to others as well.  

How so?  

Well, the more I become more like Christ, the more I have compassion and love toward others.  I have a growing desire to experience the same love I, myself, have experienced, and I long for others to also see themselves as He sees them…to experience for themselves the perfect, true, and everlasting joy, peace, love, and acceptance He offers.

Throughout 2019 (and the years that follow), I believe God will continue to work in my life to liberate me from anything in which I’ve attached my identity and worth other than Him. 

He will continue to help me gain freedom from any lies and limiting beliefs that continue to afflict me that are not in line with the Word or what God says about me.  

He will help me continue to surrender my own will and plans for the future over to Him, so I can continue to strive after His unique calling and purpose for my life.  

He will continue to teach me to me surrender my plans and willingly trust and allow His own plans play to out in my life in HIS good way and in HIS good timing (something I am constantly fighting against and find myself needing to once again surrender my desire to control back over to Him).

The word “liberation” brings me so much hope and encouragement, as it ultimately leads to freedom and restoration.  

But, I also know: liberation is not usually achieved passively.  Yes, sometimes liberation is gifted: sometimes we are rescued from our problems  However, more often than not, the ability to experience liberation requires dedication, strength, courage, and perseverance. Which often means enduring pain and suffering in workingthrough hardships

I know the road to liberation will not always be easy. Pruning hurts, folks!  However, I am willing.  Because I know God’s ways are higher than my ways, and He is always, always, always loving and does what is ultimately best for me…for all of us. So regardless of any hardships or pain I face in the road ahead, I know I can trust He will be working such things out for my ultimate good. 

So as I continue my journey into 2019, I choose to surrender my own plans and affirm my trust and confidence in my Father: the One who is able to liberate me from any stronghold.

Rather than dwelling on any pain or problems I encounter along the way, wishing away my current struggles, or pleading for a more comfortable life…I choose to span out to the bigger picture, remove myself from the center of my own universe, and keep my eyes focused on the God who is always good, always loving, and always working out a much greater and higher plan than I could even fathom.

Liberation in your own life

God works with each of us in His own timing and in His own unique way. My liberation journey may look similar to yours in some ways, and will likely look very different in other ways.

Whatever your journey looks like, I encourage you to hold fast to the truth and promise that God will be with you in everything and anything. No matter the trials and difficulties you may face in this upcoming season, be encouraged by the fact that God’s plans for your life are perfect and He is always working things out for good. Always. 

Liberation may not be a word that “speaks” to you or the season in which you currently find yourself. However, I think there is always something each of us can be working on in our lives to free ourselves from strongholds or to weed out certain thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors that hold us back from living in harmony with our True Selves.

I encourage you to take some time to think about the various areas in your life that could use some work, the various areas of bondage from which you desire to be free. Spend some time in prayerful meditation, asking God to reveal the areas in which you are currently in bondage, including those to which you are currently unaware. For any burdens that are currently present, release them to God with open hands, and ask Him to help you begin to let go of any strongholds or idols that are present. He is faithful and He is able: but He requires our willingness. For areas wherein you are not yet willing to release control: pray for His help in changing your heart such that you begin to want to change in that area and to provide you with the strength to follow His direction when He calls you to take certain actions.

Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to choose your own word for 2019.

If liberation resonates for you, run with it! If not, spend some time thinking about what word will provide you with some strength, encouragement, and motivation to learn, grow, live in accordance with your values, and continue to pursue the unique plan and purpose God has for you in the year ahead.

If you need some direction in choosing a word, check out my previous post wherein I provide 5 Steps to Select a Word of the Year.

Well, friend, that’s it for this post. If you have interest in hearing more about the impact I foresee liberation having in my life…in both my ED journey, as well as various other areas in my life…check out my next two posts: Liberation in my ED Recovery and Liberation from Bondage.

Best wishes to you as you turn inward to explore the various ways you may require liberation in your own life…and also in your efforts to choose a word that may also guide you in your days ahead.

Have a word of your own for 2019? Is there bondage in your life from which you desire to be liberated?  

Share with me in the comments!!

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