Recommended Resources: Rest, Silence, & Solitude

Resources To Help You Practice More Rest & Less Hurry

When we're so used to rushing and hustling, it can be hard to slow down and settle into rest. (Like, "real" rest: rest that's actually restful. Not that counterfeit rest where we think we're resting, but what we're really doing is numbing or avoiding.)

If that's you, I so get it. ('Cuz me, too.) 

Well, what I've found extremely helpful in my own “more rest, less hustle” journey is relying on those who've walked this walk before and can help a girl out. Particularly, those who are well-acquainted with Jesus's teachings, habits, and life priorities.

Below, are some of the resources I've found extremely helpful in getting into a habitual, daily rhythm of rest (they're practical and easy to implement, which I'm ALL about!). 

Go a head and have a look below. Take what you find helpful (if any), leave what you don't. Let this simply be a starting place for you in your own rest journey. 🙂 

Recommended Resources

Invitation to Silence & Solitude 

Experience God's Transforming Presence

By Ruth Hayley Barton

Ruth Hayley Barton's Invitation to Solitude and Silence is a great way to start practicing rest. 


What I love most

Each chapter has practical application (i.e., “do this, like this”). It's an easy-to-digest read that helps you know how the heck to even start practicing rest. I personally flew through this material my first time through, and then went back for a  slower read to put it into practice.

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

How to stay emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world

By John Mark Comer

John Mark Comer's The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry is a the BEST. A "go-to" rest resource I always recommend to others (and others have loved as well). 


What I love most

It's an extremely fun/quick read. Not only do I love his writing style and oh-so-relatable examples (he so GETS me/us!). But his advice is practical, actionable, and easy to implement.


Oh, and BONUS? John Mark Comer has a FREE workbook and FREE vides on his website. to help you out on this whole rest thing. 


Rhythms of Renewal

Trading Stress and Anxiety for a Life of Peace and Purpose

By Rebekah Lyons

Another “practical application” resource I love is Rebekah Lyon's Rhythms of Renewal. This book is broken up into 4 parts with habits to help you: 1) REST, 2) RESTORE, 3) CREATE, and 4) CONNECT.


What I love most

Each chapter has specific examples to help you apply the practices she presents. And the best part is it's STORY-DRIVEN, making it an easy and fun read.

BONUS? There's also a planner & journal companion (check out tool #3, below.) 

Rhythms For Life

Trading Stress and Anxiety for a Life of Peace and Purpose

By Rebekah Lyons

This resource is a 90 day planner AND journal (ummm, OK!). 

This one's related to the resource I shared above (Rhythms of Renewal); but, in case you're wondering, no, you don't need the actual book to benefit from the journal. But personally, I suggest getting both. (The book and journal in conjunction are even more transformational and powerful, in my opinion.)


What I love most

This tool is a great way to help you take daily action to create space for rest and restorative rhythms.

The Soulcation Life-Design Planner

The planner that give you your life back

By Melody Miles

OK, now this one is the BOMB! My friend Melody Miles (founder of Soulcation and host of the new Soulcation podcast) created a planner that blows all planners out of the water, in my opinion. 


What I love most

This tool is not just a daily activity planner. It helps you do the “deep work” and restructure your days so you have a better rest/work/play rhythm. Essentially, it helps you create a life you don't need to take a vacation from.


Click below to download a FREE sample. You can also check her out on Instagram @soulcationmel.

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