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Easter: A Reflection, A Read, A Recipe

3 Things to Help You Remember, Reflect, Rejoice

Gosh, I love Easter. I always have.

As a little pip-squeak, my love for this holiday mainly centered around all the festivities and delicacies: hunting down candy-filled treasures, getting all “fancy” in my Easter best, playing games with cousins, and savoring a slice of Mom’s delicious eclair torte (a Vondross-family Easter tradition).

However, these days, my love and appreciation for Easter goes so much deeper than mere holiday fun. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I still love me a good egg hunt and Easter brunch. And, not gonna lie, I kinda geek out on those pastel-colored M&M’s and SweetHeart jelly beans.

But these things simply aren’t the focus anymore. 

As I’ve grown in my relationship with Jesus, my eyes have been opened to the magnitude of his sacrifice, the extreme cost of his obedience, the implications of the “empty tomb,” and what those things truly mean to me and my life. 

So on Easter, I can’t help but make it all about him: honoring his sacrifice on the cross and celebrating his victory over the grave. 

The fun festivities? They’re great. But they’re merely the cherry on top. 

Friend, I wish you a happy Easter filled with loads of fun. But as you gear up for this holiday, I encourage you truly sink into the “awe” of what Easter represents by spending some time:

  • Remembering what Jesus has done (and what it cost him to do so)
  • Reflecting on what his sacrifice on the cross and victory over death means for you personally
  • Rejoicing and celebrating with loved ones in honor of Christ’s victory

Below, are some resources to help you do just that.

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