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Do You Need a Break to Rest & Restore?

“I have no TIME for a break.”

How many times have you said that before? Is this how your internal script reads today? 

Well, if so, I feel ya, Friend.

Just last week, this girl was spewing that sentiment with CONVICTION

You see, I had been pouring my everything into my work and “all the things” that come along with the writing life. I had been trying (like…really, really, trying) to chase down my God-given dreams so I could finally step into that “brighter future” I hoped God had in store for me.

I wasn’t exactly sure what that future would entail; but it had to be better than “here.”

So, I was INTENT on doing whatever it took to turn my “someday dreams” into “today realities” as quickly as possible. 

Striving Eventually Leads to Burnout

At first, it honestly felt like obedience: “muscling through” my endless list of to-do’s in ceaseless pursuit of my goals (no excuses). I’d show up swinging, ready to serve each day, even when my wishes and energy levels begged otherwise. 

“This is just part of the job,” I told myself. “I have to keep pushing if I want to get wherever God wants me to go.”

Well, as you may have guessed, I eventually hit a wall and crumbled under all the stressy pressure of endless striving. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I crumbled at God’s feet.

“I’m trying so hard to do what you’ve called me to do, God. But what’s the point?! No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to reach the women you’ve called me to serve. And honestly, it feels like no one wants what I have to offer, anyway. So, why have you called me to this? What do you want from me? I don’t feel cut out for this!”

I was exhausted and hopelessly discouraged.

It felt like all my efforts were fruitless: I was putting in all this hard work and giving my all, but it felt like I was left with little to show for.

  • Nobody seemed to care about the creative content I slaved over.
  • I couldn’t seem to reach the women I felt called to serve.
  • My big dreams and high hopes for the future felt perpetually out of reach.
  • And if social media likes were the measure of worthiness, I didn’t seem to have what “the people” wanted.

So what was the point?

I was “so over” the sowing with no reaping. Honestly, I wanted no more of this “dream” God had called me to: it felt pointless, and I was so done. 

In Need of Some Rest to Restore?

Can you relate, Friend?

  • Have you, too, ever fallen victim to striving? That endless pushing, never ceasing, always reaching for that “better life” and brighter future?
  • Do you ever feel enslaved to busy: feeling like you NEED a break, but have NO TIME for a break because you have too much on your plate?
  • Do you ever feel discouraged, as if all your hard work has little pay-off or seems to go unnoticed?

Well, if you’ve played (or are playing) the striving game, I’m sure you know that feeling well. Because that’s usually (if not always) how it plays out.

Sure, we’re able to “muscle through” for a while; but sooner or later, we all eventually hit a wall and it all becomes too much. 

When I personally crumbled under the pressure last week, God met me in my discouragement. What I was looking for was merely more strength to carry on and some solid encouragement to help me push through the feelings of burnout…

But instead, God prescribed what I really needed…a pill that was quite hard for me to swallow:


When I initially heard God tell me to “cool it” and take a break for rest, I was resistant and lashed back with an honest, “I CAN’T rest, I have no TIME for rest!!” 

I was frustrated by the notion of rest when there was so much left for me to accomplish.

But yet again, I heard the Spirit say to me, “Rest, Rachael. I know you feel overwhelmed. I know you have a lot on your plate and you feel like you can’t rest. But you can, Rachael. In fact, not only can you rest, but you need to rest. Trust me, I know.”

Well, eventually, I caved and obeyed God’s direction to take that meaningful, “long-pause” and rest with Him for a while. And as I did so, God taught me some valuable lessons. And I’d like to share them with you. 

Because Friend, I’m not the only one who needs rest: you do, too. 

In this audio recording, I let you in on:

  • A personal example: my recent “breaking point” and how God revealed I needed to rest (1:18)
  • How rest is the remedy for stress and how it helps us hear God’s voice (3:43)
  • Why God doesn’t call us to “endless striving” to accomplish His plans in us and through us (4:34)
  • The dangers of striving and how rest helps us identify things we need to RELEASE over to God (4:53)
  • The importance of habitual “check-ins” with yourself and God to get honest about your inside world (6:01)
  • An exercise to walk you through the REST, RELEASE, and RECEIVE process to restore peace (6:42)

Go ahead and click on the image below to jump right in and have a listen. 

PS: The content I referenced above about rest is covered in the first part of the audio recording (minutes 0:00 to 9:08).

Also, included in the recording (starting at the 9:08 minute mark), you will find the audio version of the “Peace” devotion from my Advent devotional, A Reason to Celebrate. (In case you want a “listen” vs. a “read” to walk through the content.)

Here are the minute markers for that portion of the recording: 

  • Devotional reading on Peace (10:17)
  • Scripture Verses to meditate on this week (16:18)
  • Prayer (17:35)
  • An Action: something to do this week (18:41) (Quick note: one of the tools I mention at minute 20:19 is the Abide app, if you’re interested in checking that out you can do so here.)
  • A Reflection: something to ponder this week (21:07)
  • A Truth: a belief to carry you through the week (22:42)
  • Closing (23:10)

(If you don’t already have a copy of the Advent devotional, you can snag a FREE download here.)

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