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Top 5 for September (2020)

Gosh, don’t you just love this time of year? 

The crisp Fall air, bright autumn colors, comfy layers, holidays on the horizon…there are so many things to be excited about.

On top of the usual suspects (such as those I named above), here are 5 things I’m really pumped about this September.

For the Mind

Outdoor Strolls

Take advantage of the nice Fall weather and get your bootie outdoors!

Nature walks may sound lame; but man do they help us sort through our mental clutter and ground us back into the present with God.

So grab a vest (and maybe a spiced pumpkin latte) and get to crunching some crisp Fall leaves beneath those feet of yours.

I suggest doing so without distraction from time-to-time (no podcast, no music: just you, nature, and God).

For the Heart

Redefine Beauty Podcast

So I featured this podcast last month, but I just HAD to share this new episode.

Melissa (the host) had a chat with my friend, Melody Miles (the Sabbatical Guru), and they talk ALL THINGS living unmasked.

Melody specifically zooms in on people-pleasing and perfectionism – so if you ever find yourself battling these foes, it’s definitely a conversation worth checking out.

For the Soul

New Morning Mercies

I love to take advantage of crisp Fall mornings by spending my first moments outside.  

I grab a cup of coffee, my Bible, a devotional book, and a blanket to cozy up and spend quiet time with God.

A daily devotional read I’ve been loving is New Morning Mercies by David Tripp – a quick one-page read that is easy to fit into your morning and leaves you with awesome food for thought.

For the Body

Birdseye Cardigan

I’m so excited to see Marine Layer brought this bad-boy back in stock so I could share this gem with you.

It’s possibly my favorite item in my closet. It’s stylish, comfy, and goes with just about everything. Plus, I’ve had mine for years – and despite its frequent use, it’s still holding up strong.

Just For Fun

Mr. Pen Gel Highlighters

Are you a huge highlighter like me?

If so, do yourself a favor and check out Mr. Pen SLEEK highlighters. They are the BEST.

No mess…no fading…no bleeding (even Bible safe)…tons of fun colors. They come in small packs – but dang, may as well nab the 20 pack. You’ll be happy you did!

Well, Friend. I hope these gems help squeeze some extra gratitude, mindfulness, and joy out of the days ahead!

Oh…and one more thing…

In case you missed it, last week Friday Katie Kibbe and I did our first (of hopefully many) “Let’s Go There” chats. You can catch a replay here (or click on the image below).

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