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Anti-Racism Resources

The Fight Against Racism

The air is thick with emotional tension as protests fill our streets and the latest news hits our media streams.

Empathy, animosity, compassion, outrage, love, hostility, hope, despair… 

The emotional temperature of our country is turbulent and quite complicated to say the least. 

The racial injustice and cultural climate of our country is hard for most of us to stomach and it tears us up inside. 

We can’t stand by and allow the mistreatment of our brothers and sisters of color to continue. 

But what can we do? 

How can we play our part to fight this injustice?

Beginning Steps: Listen & Learn

The issue of racial inequality is a loaded and complicated issue for all of us. And it’s not certainly something that can be fixed overnight. 

But that must not drive us toward inaction. 

Instead, I encourage us all to courageously step into the ring and commit to playing our part in the fight against racism.

But how can we help in the fight for equality and justice for all? 

Well, for many of us (particularly if you are new to this arena and/or a person of privilege, white or otherwise), the loving next steps include: listening and learning.

First, we need to compassionately listen to the stories and the experiences of those in the black community without allowing shame to drive us toward defensiveness or judgment.

  • Allow people of color to openly share their own perspectives.
  • Ask open-ended, curious questions and truly hear what they have to say.  
  • Actively listen, Friend
  • And by all means, be slow to speak. (James 1:19)

Second, we need to learn. 

It’s important to understand that this is not a new issue.

Racial injustice has been raining down on us all for generations. It’s just that some of us didn’t realize we were wet. 

BUT FRIEND: we’ve been offered an umbrella. Now we know we’re wet. 

So, let’s do our part: let’s step out of the rain and do whatever we can to actively fight off the storm of racial injustice. 

For many of us, that starts with learning and listening

Some Resources to Get You Started

I’ve been “awake” to the inequality in our country for some time now…but I’ll be the first to admit: I’ve still got a lot to learn and a lot of room for growth.

Recently, I’ve made it a top priority to listen and educate myself more on the topic of racial inequality and learn more about how I can play my part in this fight. 

I want to share some of the resources I’ve found helpful in case you’re interested in coming alongside me in this journey.  

Here is a list of suggested resources I’ve put together. 

This list only scratches the surface. But it is a least a place to start.

Below, I’ve also highlighted a handful of resources from this list

Feel free to jump right in with those below if they interest you. But if not, that’s fine. Go ahead and dig around to find some resources that feel like a good fit for you

It doesn’t matter where you start: it’s just important that you play your part in this fight for equality and justice for all.

Once again, you can access the full list here.

Resources Spotlight


The Reality Daily Podcast

Social Justice & The Way of Jesus with Dave Lomas


Seeing White

A series by Scene On Radio podcast (hosted and produced by John Biewen) exploring racial inequity in schools, housing, criminal justice, and hiring.




A 2016 American documentary by director Ava DuVernay exploring the intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the US. 



I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

A book by Austin Channing Brown.



Rachel Elizabeth Cargle 

A public academic, writer, and lecturer who explores the intersection of race and womanhood.


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