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Your Focus Determines Your Reality

This week, I’m gracing you with a quote from an unlikely source: Star Wars.

You may or may not know this about me, but I am so not a Star Wars fan (gasp!). Yes, really…and not even a little bit. It’s just not my thaaaang! 😉

I have never been able to actually sit through an entire Star Wars movie. And I don’t make a habit of seeking out inspiration from the Jedi. However, I must admit: this quote by Qui-Gon Jinn holds some profound wisdom: 

“Your focus determines your reality.”

I needed to be reminded of this truth this week. Because…man! Did I wake up with a pretty bad “case of the Mondays.” 

My to-do list for the day felt daunting and emails saturated my inbox. I had a lot I wanted (and needed) to accomplish.

But my Monday blues left me feeling less than inspired to jump into another week. 

My mind and spirit moaned, “Why can’t today be Sunday?” 

Adjust Your Mindset for a Purpose-Filled Day

When my spirit is downcast like it was this morning, it’s a good indication that I need to renew my mind and seek refreshment from God. He’s the ultimate Source of joy and peace. 

So, I grabbed my Bible and devotional books. I plopped myself into my chair and jumped right into my daily time of prayer and reflection with God.  As I discussed my attitude and thoughts about the day with God, the Lord convicted my heart: today…is a special gift.

God helped me see that the attitude I woke up with Monday morning had been telling me a different story. It had me convinced that the day was not all that significant. That it was “just another Monday.”  It appeared to be just another routine day…without anything all that important or all that exciting planned.

But God reassured me: today is in fact an important and special day.  Each day is a day that holds opportunity and warrants a positive outlook.

Today Matters: It is Not “Just An Ordinary Day”

God reminded me that today (and each and every day) is a day in which He wants to use me and through which He wants to speak to me.

Also, the focus I maintain throughout the day will determine my actions. 

After all, my future is an accumulation of “todays” that soon enough become “yesterdays.”  My actions today impact my tomorrow(s); and each and every day ultimately contributes to my long-term trajectory in life.

I was convicted that my mindset this Monday morning was not God-focused and Christ-like. My attitude was not initially intent on seeking out the positive or searching for the opportunities God had in store for me.

Rather, I started out my day problem-focused and selectively seeking out the negative aspects of my day.

Well, I knew right then and there, I needed God’s help to “flip that script.”

How to Flip Negative Mind Script to Empowered Thinking

This Monday, I needed to make the conscious decision to view my day as a day of significance.  I refused to carry on with an unmotivated attitude that dreaded this Monday.

I consciously decided to change my mindset by flipping some scripts from negative to positive: 

  • “Today is just another Monday” was flipped to “I wonder what unique moments and lessons God has in store for me this Monday.”
  • “Ugh, Mondays are the worst” was flipped to “I am so thankful for the weekend Sean and I shared together, and I am excited to dig back into writing and send my peeps some Monday motivation.”
  • “I wish it was warmer today” was flipped to “I’m so thankful the sun came out to play today.”
  • “I have so much to do and lack motivation to get started” was flipped to “I can do this – let’s make a list and start scratching those things off, Rachael!”

The above are just a few examples of slight mind shifts that enabled me to cure my “case of the Mondays.” They put a halt to my initial negative outlook on the day, and encouraged me to see my day as a day holding purpose.

Flipping the script of my thoughts enabled me to choose to rightfully see today as an opportunity for God to teach me something new, grow me in my faith, improve my character, and joyfully serve Him and/or others.

I encourage you to do the same and “flip that script” the next time you’re confronted with a spirit that’s downcast and negatively focused.

The Importance of Maintaining a Positive Mind Script

It’s important to keep our thoughts and minds grounded in truth and focused on God.  

If we focus on the aspects we do not like or the problems we encounter, our attitudes can turn sour.  

If instead we choose to focus on God and view the day as a unique opportunity for Him to train, teach, and grow us into strong children of character that look more and more like Christ, we can even begin viewing challenges and hard days (or seasons) in a positive light.

My CHALLENGE to You!!!

So, Friend.  To help you keep your focus on God and take charge of your mindset and attitude in the days ahead…

My challenge to you this week is to recite this mantra each morning: 

“My focus determines my reality.”

Challenge Action Steps:

  • Recite these words each day as a reminder to yourself: you have the power to choose how you would like to view your day and the attitude you would like to maintain. 
  • Before you even crawl out of bed, renew your mindset and choose to see the day ahead as an opportunity.  
  • Let your mind wander with expectation as you think through the events and tasks you need to attend to during the day.  Lean into the day with curiosity: “I wonder what God will teach me today. I wonder who God will put in my path. I wonder what gifts God has in store for me today…what He will reveal about Himself, how God will show me He loves me, how God will show up today…”
  • Choose to embody joy and peace, even if your day looks less than joyful or peace-filled.  Be determined to keep your eyes locked in on God throughout the day.  

And lastly….

Choose to remember: today is a special day.

Remember: You Can Always Flip the Script

I hope you have a wonderful week, jam-packed with plenty of inspirational mornings and motivated moments. 

But if you do find yourself waking up with a “case of the Mondays” (or Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, or any other lackluster days)…

… or if you find your mindset shifting toward the negative at some point during the day…

REMEMBER: you can always choose to “flip that script.” 

May your focus in the days ahead be intently centered on God.  May your reality be consumed by His love.  And may you be awake to the many opportunities to love and be loved today, tomorrow, and your future tomorrows.

* * * * *

PS: If you’re interested in hearing more about how our thoughts and mindsets have the power to impact how we live, check out my previous post: Words Hold Power (Part 1): Your Words Impact Your Destiny

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