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You are NOT an Outsider

Sometimes I feel like I walk this life alone.

I am not popular, I do not walk the “mainstream” path. Yet, I see so many who “play by the rules” of the world and who are so very “liked” as a result.  And it taunts me to give in to the feelings of worthlessness that nip at my soul. Because I will never gain that applause or attention if I continue on the path destined for me.

BUT… I remember: I am enough.

I do not need to change in order to belong. I do not need to seek other people’s affirmation in order to gain purpose.  I am not meant to look to others for my identity.  I am most beautiful and fulfilled when I seek not the attention or approval of others, but remain authentically connected to my True Self and stay dedicated to my own destined path.

I am most confident when I remember I was purposefully created by God as a unique being with her own mind, perspective, purpose, and gifts.  I was not mean to look like everyone else: none of us is.

On days when I feel like an “outsider,” I remind myself that the goal is not to blend in.  I remind myself that if I seek guidance from external cues to determine who I think the world wants me to be, I forfeit the beautiful gift of living into the person I was meant to be.  It would cause me to miss out on living into the unique purpose God has destined for my life.

I live to spread love, not seek superficial “likes” from fleeting moments. Despite my flesh that desires that approval oh so much.

I encourage you to internalize this mindset for yourself.

It’s easy to become ensnared into the common trap of “performing” for others.  A life filled with performance steals away from your ability to live in alignment with your own passions, values, and gifts.  It keeps you confined in a world wherein everything needs to “look perfect,” even when your internal world is falling apart.  A bounty of peace awaits those who are able to step confidently into each day as their True Selves.  It doesn’t solve every problem; it doesn’t cause you to be immune to struggles.  However, authentic living allows you to open up when hard times press in on you in order to seek encouragement and support from others.  It allows you to experience unbelievable joy as you’re able to lean into the passions and gifts that cause you to feel alive – even if they don’t make sense to others.  It allows you to own your story, own your personality, and own your “weird.”  It allows you to live in alignment with who you truly are, even if that person may not make “sense” to others around you.   It’s okay to be different – in fact, it’s encouraged.

This world is full of “pretenders”: I choose to live in unmasked reality. 

Rather than thinking of myself or yourself as an “outsider,” let’s be a tribe of “insiders” who are awkwardly, eclectically, and beautifully “one” together as a unit.  A tribe of insiders wherein anyone and everyone belongs as his or her unmasked, beautiful self.

Will you join me?

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