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Seek Solitude: Find Solace

Sometimes solitude creates the perfect storm to allow you to gain clarity around where your compass is pointed.

For me, walks throughout the city on my own…alone…help me find my North. Sometimes, I wish I had Sean, my mom, my brother, my sister, my dad, my SF family…anyone…by my side.

But God has shown me that sometimes, I need to tag out of the race of everyday living to seek silence in solitude in order to gain direction and clarity.  When I quite my mind and personal world to experience peace and solace, I always find my Father and walk away with my cup overflowing.

In the silence, I discover not only internal peace, but also, a piece of myself I didn’t even know was missing.  As I walk alone, I address the angst I feel to unearth the buried truth my soul is trying to communicate.  I enter into discussion with God to unburden myself from any self-doubt, fears, or other thoughts and feelings that have been weighing down my soul. 

My intentional mind-solace helps me become more aware of the hurting around me.  My world expands such that I’m no longer the center of my own universe, and I make soulful connections with beautiful strangers I would otherwise miss if I’m blinded by my ego’s desires. 

I am overwhelmed with amazement as my eyes soak in the many blessings around me.

I am finally awake and my eyes are unveiled to allow me to see things I would have otherwise missed had I succumbed to the hustle within and that which surrounds me. 

The beautiful blooms on the vines that cling to the buildings.

The sound of the satisfying “crunch” of the autumn leaves below my feet.

The “tweet” of the bird singing on the power line.

The comical visual of a child proudly carrying a backpack as large as himself as his mother walks him to the bus stop.

The soft breeze that speaks through the trees. 

So many blessings encompassing my world.

Blessings I would have missed, had I not intentionally invited in the silence.

It is the silence and prayerful meditation mindset that helps magnify the gifts from God that await us each day in bounty.

In these experiences wherein I am alone in the silence, I find I am content to be alone with nature and my Maker.  I find I don’t NEED anyone else to experience joy.

These walks with God help me realize that I need Him only in order to be complete, be satisfied, and experience utter peace and joy.  I am, however, also reminded during these times how BLESSED I am to experience life with others.

I seek these times of solitude so that I can come back to my center, find my Source, hear God’s direction, and course-correct if necessary.

I find my identity and purpose in God, which only adds to my relationships with others because I’m not seeking looking to them to complete me.

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