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5 Nuggets of Wisdom from my Dog (Chloe)

So, Chloe may not be the smartest pooch compared to her furry-pawed friends…

And yet, her actions had the ability to impart wisdom as I consciously chose to have an observant eye and curious spirit on our walk together.

Initially, I noticed an “angst” within my soul – the “come on, let’s go!” voice coming from within each time Chloe paused to sniff yet again another patch of grass.

As I became attuned to my inner-reality, I noticed how my dog and I were surrounded by the same circumstance, yet we were each experiencing much different realities. Rather than angst, she had not a care in the world, no place to be. I though “wow, that’s what I want.”

As I continued on my walk with Chloe, I chose to not let the “spirit of angst” dictate my reality. Instead, I decided I would let her take lead and dictate our pace. As a result, I walked away with 5 nuggets of wisdom I wanted to share with you.

5 Nuggets of Wisdom from my Dog (Chloe)

#1: Chloe’s Action: Hopping on her hind legs and doing near backflips as soon as she heard me grab the keys and her leash.

Nugget of Wisdom: Live each day with expectation and anticipation and embrace the “now.” Yesterday is over and what we have is the present – so choose to make the best of it and live today as though it’s the best day there is.

#2: Chloe’s Action: Excitement and pure joy to run out the door, despite the fact that we do the same thing every day (on multiple occasions).

Nugget of Wisdom: Don’t let the routineness of everyday life squelch your curiosity and sense of adventure. There are always gems to be found each day, but you have to awaken your senses to find them and be willing to hunt for them with intention.

#3: Chloe’s Action: Giddy excitement any time a person passed us on the sidewalk – many moments of connection with strangers that could have easily been missed.

Nugget of Wisdom: Be attuned and bring love to the people around you. Comfort, love, and bring joy to those who mean the most to you. But also, never pass up an opportunity to show kindness and love to a stranger – you may just make a person’s day by you just being you.

#4: Chloe’s Action: Stopping to sniff (and linger over) every spot along the way that peeked her senses.

Nugget of Wisdom: Eliminate hurry and busyness. SLOW DOWN and be very willing to pause at any moment to investigate and honor your curiosity. Embody peace in living at a slower pace and embracing stillness and moments of contemplation.

#5: Chloe’s Action: Pulling against her leash and refusing to leave a spot until she was ready; not willing to move on as quickly as I was before she had the chance to investigate further.

Nugget of Wisdom: Be stubborn and stand up for what matters most to you. Listen to your inner truth and pursue your passions, even if it goes against the grain or other’s discourage you from doing so. At the same time, heed the advice and direction of other leaders and seek guidance from your Higher Source.

That’s it for now, although I’m sure there will be more insights I glean from my time with Chloe that I will be sharing with you all.  She is constantly teaching me lessons (as of late, she’s been really helping me work on my patience, haha!).

I hope you were able to take away a “nugget” that will serve you in the days to come!

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