Hey there! I'm Rachael.

I’m a Wisconsin-born-and-raised, San Franciscan gal who longs for you to feel confident in your own skin.

If you ever struggle with accepting the "you" you are today or feel pressured to live up to the expectations of others. . . 

I totally get it.

Friend, I used to be my own worst critic.

From my earliest memory, there was this little voice inside my head telling me the "real me" wasn't good enough.

My Inner Critic told me:

  • I was an outsider who needed to earn her way to acceptance
  • I needed to prove my worth by meeting certain standards and keeping others happy
  • I was weird and awkward and needed to morph into a girl others wanted me to be

I started treating myself like a real-life Ms. Potato Head

Under the disguise of "self-improvement" I strived to discard my flaws and take on "more worthy" identities.

I became the Perfectionist, the Over-Achiever, the People-Pleaser, the Good Girl, the Pretty Girl, the Ever-Dependable Friend

I was desperate to prove to myself and have others affirm: You matter. You're worthy. You're loved. You're accepted.

I didn't see any danger in it at the time. I was convinced I was becoming a "better version" of Rachael.

But man, was I wrong. 

Rather than leading me to my "best self" and more confidence - this path ultimately led to my ruin.

Friend, I've done the whole striving thing...and I also know what it takes to opt out of that noise. 

I know what it takes to "unlearn" and break free from the lies that keep us stuck in fear and self-doubt.

Today, I love and accept my "True Self."

And I want that for you, too. I'd love to help you get there.

I want to help you break through the barriers that are keeping you "stuck"

To break free from the lies that tell you you're not enough

To get out of your head and silence your Inner Critic so you can live confident & free

To heal from past wounds, embrace your story, and find your voice

To feel empowered to pursue your calling. 

To step into a life you love: one filled with meaning and purpose

I'd love to help you find your way from "stuck" to breakthrough.