10 Unmasked Facts About Rachael

#1: I'm Wiscon-ifornian

Wisconsin-born-and-raised, Californian

I’m a Wisconsin-born-and-raised, San Franciscan gal. 

I'm incredibly grateful for my Midwest upbringing and I proudly claim the WI parts of me (including...but not limited to...my obsession with cheese, love for the outdoors, and unwavering dedication to the Packers.

But my true heart lies in California.  

I love living in the quirky, artsy, vibrant city of San Francisco where individuals wear uniqueness like a badge of honor. Conformity is like the plague here in SF: it’s one of the reasons why this city has captured my heart.  

#2: A Nerd Stole my Heart

Wife to Sean (a goofy, fun-loving CPA)

My husband, Sean, is my favorite human.  His occupation (CPA) may "label" him as boring, but he's far from it. 

As an Enneagram 7 (the Enthusiast), Sean's always the life of the party. His jokes are never-ending, he's obsessed with pizza, and his glass is always half-full. I love how he loves life. Being with Sean just makes life better.

Going on 12 years married, 15 years as a couple, we've seen our shares of ups-and-downs.  But we're committed to being an "us" - no matter how rocky life gets.

It's cheesy, I know...but I can honestly say: I love Sean more each day than the one prior.

#3: I'm an "OINK"

Former "DINK" (Current "OINK")

Formerly DINK (Dual-Income-No-Kids), I joke we've become an "OINK" household (One-Income-No-Kids).

We've been living off Sean's income ever since I walked away from my 11-plus-year career with Deloitte LLP (a "Big 4" Accounting Firm) to pursue this path with writing and storytelling.

My current occupation is certainly not lucrative at this point; however, I've never before felt so excited and "on-mission" than I do right now.

Perhaps someday we'll find our way back to DINK status. (I can only hope, because. . .I mean, how fun of a word is "DINK"?!)

#4: I'm a Fur Mama

Dog Mom to Chloe (My "Baby" Has Fur)

As OINK/DINK status infers: we're a "no kids" household.

There was a time when Sean and I pursued adoption (we were actively "live" and being shown to adoptive families for some time).

But we heard God tell us He was leading us down a different path - so those dreams are on hold (temporarily...and quite possibly permanently. . .we're waiting on God's direction). 

For now, I'm not a "Mama" in the traditional sense. But I am a proud Mama to our fur baby, Chloe, our adorable 11-year-old West Highland Terrier.  (I know I'm biased, but she's seriously the most adorable and hilarious doggie ever!  Let's just say, I'm kinda obsessed!)

#5: Adventure's my MO

Travel-Enthusiast, Adventure-Seeker

I AM A GEEK for travel. 

Seeing new places, experiencing new culture, seeing things from a new perspective....gosh how it lights up my heart.

But my adventuring-seeking nature isn’t limited to those times when I get to rack up my frequent flyer miles. 

Oh no, my eyes are always on the hunt for gems awaiting to be discovered (particularly those "gems in the rough" that are often overlooked). 

One of my favorite hobbies?

Wandering the streets of SF, geeking out on street art and capturing other gems/moments that beg to be captured on film.

#6: I'm a 2

Enneagram 2 (The Helper), Wing 1 (Perfectionist)

I'm fascinated by the Ennegram.

I think knowing our personality types can be very insightful and help us understand how we're wired, so we can notice when we start operating as "unhealthy" version of ourselves.

The Ennegram test revealed I'm a very close-to-even split between type 2 (the Helper) and type 9 (the Peacemaker)…with the scales tipping ever-so-slightly toward type 2.

Things that let me know I'm a 2:

I'm on fire for life when I'm encouraging people, I empathize with and feel very deeply for others, I live for meaningful conversations, I see the good in others, and I go "all-in" with my relationships.

#7: I'm a Recovering Perfectionist

Recovering Perfectionist, Aspiring "Good-Enough-er"

I struggle with Perfectionism.  

Needing to have things “just right” and "black-and-white" thinking can get me into trouble at times.  

In fact, chasing after ideals is part of the rocky path that led me into the throes of an eating disorder. (You can read more about that part of my story here: My Undoing: Ruined for Redemption.)

My perfectionistic tendencies can sure drive me toward anxiety and feeling like I'm not enough. 

Which is why I continue to practice finding joy in the “beautiful mess” of life, staying grounded in the "here-and-now," and seeking out gratitude each day.

#8: Flare is Kinda my Thang

Self-Expression Fan

OK, so maybe not "kinda" my thing.

Whimsical headband, hats, and "out-of-the-box" fashion choices are totally my thing. I simply can't help myself!!

I mean, take a look at my Instagram or Facebook posts. I'm not afraid to experiment!

I love coloring outside of the lines when it comes to fashion. 

I wear what and "do me," even if it means I get a few head-turns or questionable looks.  My rainbow colored jumpsuit, for example, is quite the head-scratcher for some. . .but man, do I love it!!

#9: I Live Local

Localist & Ma-and-Pa-Supporter

Browsing farmers' markets, supporting Ma & Pa shops, eating farm-to-table. . .all things local are SO MY JAM! 

Even when we travel, we like to "do as the locals do." I truly believe it's the BEST way to experience any city. (Don't get me wrong: we can get our "tourist" with the best of them. But honestly, there's only so much of that we can handle.) 

My favorite way to explore a city?  

Seeking out the best cup of coffee I can get my hands on, hanging in the places locals like to hang, and finding some great "foodie" finds that don't break the bank. 

#10: I'm a Bookworm

Ever-Learner & Nerd-for-the-Written-Word

I love learning in any capacity: sermons, podcasts, online classes, speaking events, retreats. . .you name it. I'm so in!

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. 

As Sean likes to say, "Rachie LOVES the books!" (I quite literally have a personal library in my own home!).  

For a while now, I’ve been in a season of consuming all things spiritual growth, self-compassion, and vulnerability.

One of my favorite authors: Brene Brown (a favorite of mine is her book, “The Gifts of Imperfection”). 

My latest read: “You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are” by Rebekah Lyons (this book is RIGHT up my alley!).

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