The Unmasked Warriors are a tribe of peeps who are committed to supporting each other in leaving behind our “should be” (masked) selves and bravely stepping into our Unmasked True Selves.

Together, we will learn how to: 

  •  Identify bondage and patterns of negative thinking/behavior that are holding us back from stepping into our full potential (such as limiting beliefs, baggage from our past, difficult circumstances, amongst other challenges)
  • Learn and implement tools and practices that help us rewire our brains:
    • freeing us from old beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that no longer serve us and…
    • replacing the old ones with new ones that support us and help us achieve success
  • Discover our unique passions, gifts, and values…the things that make us excited about life, truly bring us fulfillment, and add unique value to this world
  • Practice stepping out from the people-pleasing, “should be,” Masked versions of ourselves and into our Confident, Unmasked True Selves. 

The world deserves the unique gifts that only you can offer. We all owe it to each other to live as the unique individuals God created us to be.

I am thrilled to have you join us in learning how to let go of any masks we currently wear: masks that hinder us from stepping into our full, God-given potential.

To learn more about the beliefs and values of this Unmasked Warrior community, check out the “Unmasked Warriors Manifesto.”