Unmasked Warriors Manifesto

As UNMASKED WARRIORS, we are committed to discovering and ripping off all “masks.” 

  • The masks forced upon us, those we have been persuaded to wear, as well as those we have crafted for ourselves in pursuit of self-preservation. 

As Unmasked Warriors, we believe in authenticity and integrity.

  • We seek to attain a greater understanding of our True Selves and seek to live in alignment with the individuals God created us to be. 
  • We desire to live fulfilling and God-purposed lives by utilizing our own unique talents, gifts, personalities, and callings to contribute to amazing change in this world. 

We are driven by purpose, desire to make a difference, are intent on pursuing our callings, and strive after what matters most.

  • We know each of us is special in our own way, and each of us has a calling that is incredibly unique to each individual. 
  • We maintain a heart of gratitude and enjoy the many blessings that grace our paths; but we thirst after something more satisfying and soul-quenching than comfort and convenience. 
  • We know our time is limited in this world and we desire to make as great an impact as possible, even though it often means at the cost of self-sacrifice. 
  • We desire to encourage and support others, break down barriers, promote social justice, and radiate love and acceptance to others. 

We are not willing to survive: we desire to thrive.

  • We know our true potential can only be realized if we embrace our True Selves and begin to follow God’s plan and purpose for our lives.  So, we refuse to continue to live as false or partial versions of ourselves. 
  • We are committed to living as our Authentic Selves: we acknowledge all parts of ourselves. 

We accept there are parts of us that require modification and growth; but we do not feel the need to hide such areas of weakness or bondage. 

  • Weaknesses are merely opportunities for additional strength and empowerment.
  • Bondage is merely additional freedom and potential to be realized. 

We dare to break the mold, refuse to fit in, and choose to embrace our own unique characteristics, passions, gifts, and callings. 

  • As Unmasked Warriors, we stand proudly in our uniqueness and are stronger as a tribe because of our differences. 
  • We are unashamed of our dissimilarities, confident in our uniqueness, and intent on pursuing our own unique callings, despite what others may think.  

We know that “belonging” does not require conformity. 

  • We resist the temptation to try to “fit in.” Instead, we choose to celebrate our differences and belong together as an eclectic tribe of individuals.
  • We do not conform to culture’s standards and values in an attempt to gain acceptance or validate our worthiness. Our identity is rooted in God and we seek to better understand how God sees us, so we can all bravely step out into the world as our Unmasked Selves. 
  • We encourage one another to remain focused on his or her own path.  We remind each another there is no reason to compare our own path to that of another Warrior, as each of us has a unique purpose and calling.  Comparison amongst our peers is not only useless; it is the thief of all joy and can also distract us from completing our own unique missions in life.

We are committed to living in truth and combatting lies.

  • We strive to take each thought captive: we vehemently discard any limiting beliefs or lies that tell us we are “not enough,” and choose to only dwell on thoughts that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.  (Philippians 4:8)  

We exhibit extreme bravery in admitting when things are “so not okay” and seek out support when the battles we face are too much for us to handle on our own.

  • We seek community and choose to lean into vulnerably with each other. We reveal areas of weakness and hurt so that together we can battle alongside one another in order to claim ultimate victory.  Your victory is our victory; each Warrior’s victory is yours…mine…ours. 

We love and accept one another as we are – flaws and all. 

  • We see past weaknesses, hardships, and short-comings and see the person behind those afflictions: a person with a story, a person deserving of love, a person with unsurpassable worth.  A person who is more than enough.

We choose to view adversaries and trials as opportunities for growth.

  • Instead of remaining focused on or complaining about our problems or the difficult circumstances we encounter, we choose to take on a positive outlook. 
  • We surround ourselves with gratitude and turn our eyes to God in trusting obedience, for He is the ultimate source of our strength. 
  • We gain endurance and hope as we pursue the things that matter most in this life and press on in pursuit of our God-given callings, despite any obstacles we may face along the way. 

We are Unmasked Warriors. 

We bravely take one confident step after another, choosing to do our very best to live each day as our Unmasked Warrior Selves.

We are Unmasked Warriors. 

We choose to see ourselves as God sees us. We are intent on discovering our True Selves, and in doing so, uncover our true potential and purpose.  As Unmasked Warriors, we internalize our unsurpassable worth and enoughness, allowing love, confidence, and acceptance to fill us up and radiate from our very beings. 

We are Unmasked Warriors. 

We are committed to showing others the freedom and peace that can be attained by living Unmasked.  We yearn to be examples to our masked brothers and sisters: to live in a way that encourages them to bravely take off their own masks as well.

We are Unmasked Warriors. 

We undoubtedly know we are who He says we are.  We have unsurpassable worth in His eyes.  We are beautifully and wonderfully made.  We are fully loved and accepted.  We are enough just as we are.  To Him: we are radiant.

We are Unmasked Warriors.

We need not wear any masks.  For any mask would only hide our unique, radiant beauty and limit our God-given potential and purpose.

We are Unmasked Warriors, and we choose to live each day the only way worth living: